This blog is run, authored, and maintained by myself (Billy).  It is my intent to write positive and affirming reviews that encourage my readers to purchase music and attend live shows from the artists that I feature.  “I don’t listen to bad music, neither should you.”

As a young lad he grew up with two options for musical creativity.  On all road trips his parents allowed their five children to choose between contemporary Christian music (in the late 80′s and early 90′s) and a little group known as The Beatles.  It wasn’t until high school and university that I first began to explore all the music that the world had to offer.

It was at university that this blog was first unofficially formed.  Growing ever more tired with burning countless mix albums for his friends I set out to find a more economical way to distribute his love of quality music.  Hence The World Forgot (or more simply TWF) was born.  It began slowly in August of 2006 as I began writing about individual songs and the occasional compilation album I would throw together.  Eventually TWF picked up a little steam and became an award winning music blog with thousands of daily visitors.

More recently my life has taken a more serious approach to his daily life and as such TWF has once again become a place of only occasional musings and the random mix or album review.  Fear not, however, there exists no impetus to close the doors of TWF in the near future no matter how demanding life shall become.

As always, enjoy the music.

I have been asked recently about how you can support The World Forgot.  The is  actually very simple.  Follow links that I have posted and purchase music from artists featured on this blog.  This not only delivers resources directly to the artists, but also helps pay for the countless hours I have spent writing on TWF.