Beach House album Bloom

It has been far too long since I last posted here.  Long story short; I bought a house, moved, and had knee surgery in the past six weeks.  Enough about me, time for the music.

The latest album from Beach House, Bloom (amazon) (itunes), picks up where Teen Dream left off.  Intoxicating, bordering on lackadaisical, lead vocals combine perfectly with well engineered melodies and hazy guitars and keyboards.  Although nothing this time around quite reaches the height of their brilliant track 10 Mile Stereo, the album as a whole is very well done.  If you’re looking for the perfect album on a drive to or from the beach (no pun intended) you need look no farther than Bloom.

mp3 : Beach House – Wild
mp3 : Beach House – Lazuli

I predict this album will make my best of list at the end of 2012 and it really deserves a full listen.  It’s simple, beautiful, layered music that is perfect for almost any occasion that involves hanging out.

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