Foo Fighters album Wasting Light

The Foo Fighters seventh studio album Wasting Light (amazon) (itunes) is another classic example of how consistent they are as a band.  Most other acts wash out, break up, fight, die, or lose their artistic vision over 15 years.  Not so with the Foo Fighters.  Their latest effort finds them again in comfortable territory; somehow straddling the line between acoustic feel good vibes and slashing mad pure rock.  Whichever side of the FF coin you prefer you’ll find plenty of both to satisfy your craving on Wasting Light.

mp3 : Foo Fighters – White Limo
mp3 : Foo Fighters – Walk

If you haven’t seen the excellent fan made muppet(ish) music video for Walk you need to take a second and watch it here.  You can also check out the traditional version made by the Foo Fighters themselves here.

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6 thoughts on “Foo Fighters album Wasting Light”

  1. Hey man, long time viewer. Love your music taste. Extremely diverse, yet modern. Have you heard of the band “The tallest man on earth”? I’d recommend listening to the piano version of “Like the Wheel”. I think you’ll like it.

  2. @rocker_jcc i confess that there is no pure acoustic on this album. but i maintain that they continue to straddle the line between pure hard rock and acoustic melodies. this is something that they’ve always struggled with.

    at times they veer too far in one direction, or as with In Your Honor, they decide to make a double album; one with acoustic, one with rock.

    with Wasting Light they’ve again returned to their roots (similar to The Colour and The Shape) and they’ve come out with a sound that straddles the line (ie combines) acoustic feel good vibes with a harder rock mentality.

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