Local Natives album Gorilla Manor

Local Natives is a band that has been quietly gaining steam for over a year now.  Although their debut album launched in 2006 it wasn’t until 2009’s album Gorilla Manor (amazon) (itunes) and more appropriately the breakout song Airplanes that the world began to take notice.  I’m writing about this album today because it’s the perfect mix of lazy melodies and delicate harmony to listen to as you drive to the lake for the weekend this summer.  It really is a solid album and it deserves a full listen.

mp3 : Local Natives – Airplanes
mp3 : Local Natives – Shape Shifter

There are moments on this album when I feel like Local Natives probably listen to a lot of the music I love.  There are moments that feel genuinely inspired by Arcade Fire or Weezer, albeit with a more chilled out surf rock by way of the Avett Brothers mentality.  If that makes any sense.

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