Arcade Fire – Wake Up

For some reason track seven from Arcade Fire’s first album, 2004’s Funeral (amazon) (itunes), has been stuck in my head for almost a month now.  From the repeated and chanted chorus of “ohhh” to the story Win Butler weaves throughout the song I just can’t seem to get it out of my thoughts.  So I thought I’d troll the interwebs and find a few various versions of this track to cheer everyone up in what has become a bit of a rough stretch for the world.

mp3 : Arcade Fire – Wake Up
mp3 : Arcade Fire – Wake Up (Live)
mp3 : Arcade Fire – Wake Up (Live Acoustic Sessions Version)
mp3 : Arcade Fire & David Bowie – Wake Up (Live at Fashion Rocks)

Although I really love the album version of Wake Up there’s something about the live energy of the song that really catches my attention.  I love how crowds hold onto the “ohhh” and give the track a bit of extra raw power.  And let us all be honest for a brief moment, the live version that they played with The David Bowie is absolutely priceless.  I mean that guy was in Labyrinth.

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19 thoughts on “Arcade Fire – Wake Up”

  1. i love Arcade Fire but I saw that in Rolling Stone that the Flaming Lips guy said that they were assholes. I don’t believe that but I was kind of disappointed when I saw that Win Butler had written a statement online refuting it and used ‘then’ instead of ‘than’ in his statement, twice. capitalization is not an issue to me but using the correct words is. i can’t listen to them for a week.

  2. speaking of a rough stretch, I just watched an hour long PBS special on global warming and how we’re destroying all the ice. everywhere. I’ve never been more disappointed to be an american.
    when will we learn?

    oh, and I loved all the versions of this song you posted. :)

  3. Have you seen the trailer for Where the Wild Things are? Wake Up is used, and makes the movie look even more awesome.

  4. @jules – i did see that preview and i thought it quite serendipitous that they used a track that had been stuck in my head for a month before i saw the preview.

  5. “we’re all just a million little gods causin’ rainstorms, turnin’ every good thing to dust! I guess we’ll just have to adjust!” man, that’s the line that’s been stuck in my head for weeks! i made my band jam this song with me so we could rock the gang vocal chorus for half an hour. Arcade Fire is so rad.

  6. Hi, my boyfriend and I really love this song, and I’m putting together a special playlist for him (because he’s leaving to the Peace Corps soon), and I want to be able to have the acoustic version of this song on that playlist. How/where can I download the live acoustic session version? Many thanks if you can get that info to me ASAP. Feel free to e-mail me at: Thank you!!!

  7. thanks for all the comments. it’s a great song and it’s fun to have a few different versions floating around.

    i would also like to point out that i’ve thoroughly enjoyed the new exposure Arcade Fire has received with the Where The Wild Things Are preview and now the NFL Network both using their tracks. kudos.

  8. David Bowie has some really eccentric personality but i like his style of music. he is a good actor too.”**

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