Bosque Brown – Baby

The other day I wrote a bit about French Canadien artist Coeur de Pirate and claimed that she was a bit like all the good parts you love about Regina Spektor minus all the annoying songs you don’t appreciate quite as much.  Well that got me thinking about another artist that I would file under the same heading.  Bosque Brown’s latest album Baby (amazon) is full of songs that may, at times, reference the trademark sound of artists such as Coeur de Pirate and Regina Spektor, but there is another layer to front woman Mara Lee Miller’s sound.  This album has some absolutely stunning moments of pure American folk in it and it’s worth listening to every song.

mp3 : Bosque Brown – Went Walking
mp3 : Bosque Brown – This Town

On Went Walking, possibly my favorite track on the album, Mara sings with an overtly melancholic moan that is equal parts depressing and alluring.  I love the repeated line “I am coming home.”  This Town, track number nine on the album, is a bit on the lighter side and I think it showcases the folk roots of Bosque Brown.  For those of you familiar with other artists here on TWF I think Bosque Brown would make an excellent live pairing Josh Garrels or Zach Williams {or both}.

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One thought on “Bosque Brown – Baby”

  1. i liked that description and i like Coeur de Pirate and definitely know all about those annoying bits of Regina Spektor. i will give this a listen over the next few days. keep up the good work!

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