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Trying to find an artist that hasn’t yet been blogged about is about as hard as trying to find a decent picture of Reina Del Cid.  So yesterday I was blundering my way through various and sundry youtube videos, I can’t really recall why, and I found this track by a girl who records her own music.  She goes by the name Reina Del Cid and as far as I can tell this is the first time she’s ever made her way onto a music blog.  Other than her youtube page and her myspace profile {which is seriously lacking a decent picture} there really isn’t much else I could find.  These three tracks, in my opinion, showcase a rough talent that would benefit greatly from a little production polish {not to mention some higher quality recording equipment}.

mp3 : Reina Del Cid – Come Back Over
mp3 : Reina Del Cid – New Girlfriend
mp3 : Reina Del Cid – Wonder

What really struck me in these songs are the memorable lyrics in the song Come Back Over.  Honestly, after listening to these three tracks you can rest assured that this is what clever lyrics, written by a truly independent musician, are supposed to sound like.  It always amazes me what talent and creativity lies hidden amongst the rubble strewn about myspace and youtube alike.

I do apologize for the audio quality of these tracks.  This is as good as it gets when songs are ripped from a myspace page.  I hope you can look beyond the production quality and realize that Reina Del Cid is a talented young musician who deserves a listen.  One thing is certain, there is great potential here.

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46 thoughts on “Reina Del Cid”

  1. wow!! i cant believe it! the same thing happened to me today… i dont know how i got to her videos, and then i found this blog (the first blog about her) i was amazed by her lyrics…they’re good! i just think she needs somebody to support her proffesionally…plus how old is she?? she look really young…

    its funny how you find things like these when you’re not looking for them…

  2. Hi, I’m a brazilian girl and i admire your job a lot! I think you’ll be very sucessfull.I hope so, because you’re talented and funny too.I’d like to know more about you.A boy said your way reminds Alanis Morissete, i agree with him, but there´s a difference: you don’t imitate her,you have your own style and that’s good.Best wishes for your private life and your career! Though you are still young you’re already a great songwriter and musician. Remember: Jesus loves you too much, He is our Savior and Lord! A big Hug

  3. Hey guys, What kind of coincidence is this. Today, for the first time I took interest in the videos youtube publishes on its home page, and I met this angel. I immediately started my search to find who is she? My expectation was some upcoming star whom I still not aware of. but she is just a kid publishing her own made videos. Amazing. But I think she IS really an ANGEL.

  4. In many years you are the first american singer that I love the voice, the way, the humor sense and the true face and the musics. I love many of your musics but mamamia I ear thousand times. Good lock and prepare to a hard work in front of you and never forget to get your dreams ever in first place in you life.

  5. We seem to have all discovered her in the same way and have all been touched by the unpolished, pure, clean talent. I too don’t seem to be able to move on.

    thanks Billy, for the mp3s

  6. Sometime in the past week I had the same experience–I stumbled on her, then listened to everything by her on You Tube and Facebook sites, and even joined Metacafe. I love her authenticity and unpolished sincerity as well as her talent. I agree about those three songs being the best, but I think my favorite is Wonder. What a songbird! She brought joy into my life.

    There’s also a track where JohnZMedia has added his own guitar, and another of someone – Svetlana – playing an accompaniment for Chance.

  7. First off, I want to make it clear that this post is in no way negative towards this young artist. I post my music on Youtube, like it or not, as do tons of talented people, many of whom do a wonderful job. Yet this girl gets 24,000 views in two days and a week later she’s almost at a million. I wonder how she does it. Like I said, I actually like the song, but I’ve heard others just as good. How come others have 200 views and she’s got over 600,000? I must be missing something.

  8. it’s simple Ted. her song “come back over” was chosen as a featured video on youtube’s front page. getting on the front page {featured} is an easy way to get thousands, if not millions, of views on youtube. massive amounts of views makes it so everyone has heard about your stuff and passes it along to everyone else. it’s somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy that the more popular you are the more popular you become, but in reina’s case she seems to have the talent to back up the hype.

    that’s how she made it from youtube/myspace to my blog. thanks to everyone for stopping by and realizing reina is a solid musician.

  9. I was looking for a video of ‘Desperado’, by The Eagles, when I found her version of it. I was blown away. From that moment, I started checking out all of her videos. She is amazing! And indeed, for a moment Alanis Morisette came to my mind also, but she has a little difference in style.I think Reina is a star already. Keep up the good work!

  10. I found featured on youtube and was also blown away. I especially love “Wonder” and “Chance”… I’m sort of new at youtube and this has been a real experience watching her views climb so fast. I want to be first in line for a CD. I hope she gets a great deal and wish her the very best. She is not “made”, but simple and the real deal. My thoughts are this… Someone has found a BIG diamond that’s perfect in it original state.

  11. I ran into her videos on YouTube 2 weeks ago, and found myself pulling all 15 original songs that I could find, and putting them on mp3, in a 3 hour period … There’s no doubt that she will go far – because she is already there! Reina Del Cid – her lyrics left me in a state of tranquility.

    And she prefers Facebook to Myspace, etc – so add her as a friend!!

  12. Yeah..Reina is a very great musician!a good singer and a good lyricist.
    Not to mention,this girl is good-looking too.For sure,she’ll rock the world someday.God Speed!

  13. I hate to rain on a parade, but I have to disagree with the general public. I’ve seen her videos and she’s a great song writer. Notice that is not “singer/song writer.” She can sing, but I don’t think she has a marketable voice. A solid voice can make her songs big, but until then she’ll probably just be a youtube celebrity. I’m sticking with that till she proves me wrong.

  14. I stumbled across her myspace page about a year ago, and was imediately impressed with her writing skills. There is obviously a lot banging around in this young womans head. It would be nice to see her get some attention and nuturing from a label.

  15. I love Reina Del Cid! She is so awesome! I love her songs “Salem” “Modern Barbie” “Wonder” and many many others! She is my personal role model (other than Chonda Peirce)!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see her get signed, let’s just pray it’s to a good company!


  16. I just discovered Reina today. I was browsing u tube and came across her by accident, then I was searching to buy a cd or buy a downloaded mp3-and she’s not signed! Holy cow! She is so amazingly talented and fabulous. She has that Tori Amos without the angst, Jewel without the commercialism and stupidity, Natalie Merchant without the 10,000 maniacs, Indigo Girls without the militant feminists- just right. Funky, quirky- just a young woman of extraordinary talent sharing her songs with the world on her blue acousic guitar. No makeup, no pretenses. She is so genuine, she does not put on an act. I am in love with her music, it touches my soul. I would love her to have a cd, but also feel that a record comapny would taint her and change her in some way-she would lose that genuine indie quality that mekaes her a delight.

  17. love her music. found her roaming around youtube. a couple other folks i have found that i am totally digging right now are;
    emily elbert-
    super talented, wicked voice, and heck of a composer

    also found someone at youtube called
    though she does a lot of covers, she does them quite well!!

    and following the related video links i came across a channel called
    and while she doesn’t have much up for music her original works (lyrics especially) are only shown up by her very unique alto voice.

    i like youtube for this, finding artists that just don’t fit in a box.
    great blog!

  18. I found Reina del Cid’s vids after searching on YouTube with the words “song I wrote” … and what a great find! She’s got a lot of talent, and I look forward to seeing good things happen for her.

    Also, if you like Reina, check out “Danielle Ate The Sandwich”. Yes, it’s a ridiculous name, yes, she often sings accompanied by only ukulele, yes she adds some wacky antics to her videos (sometimes quite amusing, other times… well, not so much) but she has a wonderful voice and her lyrics are quite touching and clever. The song “On The Planet Earth” in particular is quite amazing.

  19. I’ve been a follower of REinaDelCid for months if you count Facebook as a blog of sorts I’ve been posting links t my wall since I first saw her videos on Youtube. I used to be a professional woodwind player/teacher until my ability to play was taken by a hemorrhagic stroke and talented musicians like REina always bring a tear of joy to my eyes

  20. One of the things I love about Reina is her honesty. she doesn’t usually do take after take to get it perfect and do lots of editing before posting… and she’s not embarrassed to post outtakes/bloopers at the ends of most of her get to see how much fun she really is having in making the videos. I always look forward to a new posting from her. :-)

  21. This girl needs to be signed…..her lyrics are amazing. What a diamond in the rough. I hope she makes it big….there are a lot of songs out there that don’t hold a candle to this young artist’s original songs. If she ever is given a studio and a good back up band….WATCH OUT!!!!!

  22. Hey! I agree–ReinaDelCid is pretty fantastic. Would you take a few minutes and check me out as well? I don’t mean to spam. I just think that people that like her would probably like me as well. I don’t have as good a voice, but I think my songs are at least as good as hers. :) Happy Holidays! In case this website doesn’t allow links to be posted… my youtube username is birkuscircus and myspace is /cristinabirkel. Thanks. :D

  23. I’ve been watching Reina on “You Tube/Google” for ages & can’t for the life of me figure out why she’s not signed up as a new major artist. I think today a day in March 2010 she is the most brilliant songwriter/singer on “You Tube”. Her new song “Mr Pinata” is class right thru’ & the video is good enough to win an award at the Oscar’s. She had a bad deal from “You Tube” as of late when her covers & brilliant they were, were pulled from there, while all the while everyone else from what I can see have enough covers up on same to fill up half of the “You Tube/Google” server space. I leave a link to explain what Im talking about.

    I hope soon lots of more people will find Reina’s songs & see for themselves that this young lady is the most talented one in the world today. With her-you get no gimmicks with computers & sequencers. No, all she uses is her blue guitar & mandolin & beautiful recognisable voice & her God given talent to write the most beauttiful lyrics & melody’s. There’s a lot wrong with the music industry today…but its biggest failing is that this amazing raw nugget of major talent has been so far ignored, we, her listeners should demand that soon she isn’t ignored any more…& that she’s up there where she belongs at the top of the pile of robotic manufactured awfulness supposed to be talennt who overcome us with noisome drivel. It’s time it was Reina’s turn to resurrect music from thence once it died. For this young lady’s songs have truly breathed a breath of beauty into the air…& now it is time she was rewarded for her selflessness in giving to the world her gift freely…

    It’s now time (we) her fans gave back to her, unhesitatingly. She deserves a lift up to her pedestal at the “Top”. Now who’s going to join with helping her? You all? Good. Now let’s get started by giving her a voice, a hand, phone your local D.J.s & demand theey play her songs…even one or two to begin with, that way the music business will wake up & take notice. We have to chance to do something awesome here…to break the stale mould of the Record/A&R/Label/Agents/Management & every other dogbody in the music business today holding on to the reins of same. We can “Make a Change”. Let’s now do it for Reina. Now make them calls to your local DJ’s.

    Cheers, v.gerrard, Ireland.

  24. For the discerning eye.
    For the discerning ear.
    For the discerning heart.
    When God created Reina Del Cid,He was just showing off.


  25. For the discerning eye.
    For the discerning ear.
    For the discerning heart.
    When God created Reina Del Cid…He was just showing off.

    ray, Scotland

  26. I just found some videos. Really, i loved it, shes amazing. And about been a youtube celebrity, not at all, shes really better than justin bieber!

  27. Reina, you are ONE talented young girl! Forget production, sound quality, recording, etc….and just write, write, write your little heart out. Those are gems that are a comin’ right now. Bless you.

  28. (btw, check out her “library girl” song!)

    OKAY. so we all agree she has spectacular talent. i write poetry & lyrics quite a bit. (though im not as good at the actual melody part). ive been somewhat disappointed by the lack of depth and originality in songs lately.

    But Reina breaks that trend. She writes & sings clever lyrics to beautiful tunes. add on the emotion & genuineness you get from her voice & demeanor, and you get a girl people cant help but be drawn to! I love how she spins such mundane concepts into canny phrases & honest concepts we can all so relate to. WITHOUT just sounding like the tweaked version of a million other songs already written.

    Her songs are the definition of ORIGINAL. In my opinion, there is no way that Reina will go undiscovered for long. She has a record deal in her future (if she wants it).

    I only hope she stays just as real as she is now. I think that’s part of what we all love about her. She comes off as a grounded artist who is truly lovely without all the fakeness most musicians have these days.

    ur goin far girl! so keep it real

  29. I have been following Reina since she first began putting videos on youtube. She is truly amazing and listening to her music warms the heart. I really hope somebody offers her a record deal soon…I want her CD!!

  30. ,Please review Reina del Cid’s new EP/CD. It’s brilliant & shows why this girl should be swooped up by a major record company. Her new song “Let’s Begin” is a grower…& another brilliant offering from this talented beautiful girl & her voice is made for radio, I want her on my radio station, every radio station bar none should put her on their playlists, she just needs another little push & she’ll be there in our ears permanently, where she belongs. The voice is magic, her songs are magic & forget about the “X-Factors, Everybody’s Got Talent”, Reina is both X a trillion times. So please get people to go get this EP by her & pay her back a little for all that she gave us for so long for free.

    Other songs on her first EP are “Come Back Over”,”New Girlfriend”
    “Mr Pinata” & “The Sound of You”. All beautifully re-recorded with great musicians. It’s so good you’ll have to listen to it at least twice a day for ever. Thank you – now please give her your support…

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