Andrew WK : A Special 9/11 Post

On this day, seven full years removed from the tragic events of nine eleven, it serves us all to think back and remember where we were.  I was an undergrad who woke up late, stumbled into a dining hall, and has to ask a cafeteria lady “what city is that taking place in” whilst I pointed groggily at the television.  New York was her answer, and it took me a moment to properly understand that she meant our New York City, the city I grew to love on my visit there.  That the buildings that were just falling were where I had once stood, on top of the world, staring out at this beautiful elegant jewel of a metropolis.

Looking back it’s sometimes hard to find the words to accurately describe how we feel today, how that day changed us or the world as a whole.  In such times it’s often best to let the professionals do what they’re paid for.  Here’s a song off of Andrew WK’s first full length effort, I Get Wet (amazon) (itunes), that sums up everything I wanted to say.

mp3 : Andrew WK – I Love NYC

Random piece of trivia : During my undergrad years, at a prestigious midwestern university, I had the honor of living in a dormitory complex.  And yes, for awhile, Andrew WK’s little brother lived there as well.  We never got a concert, I never even saw his big brother come and visit him {although it was rumoured he had}, but we lived in the same building nonetheless.

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