Think Quick

Think Quick is actually the digital outpouring of Izzy. I can’t find any more information than that. I first found his myspace when I featured a remix he made of Gwen Stefani a couple of months back. I really enjoyed that remix and it led me to explore the rest of his music. Although it is extremely rough, there are great melodies and really great ideas in these songs. If he was hooked up with a good studio, accurate production, and possibly a new lead singer {sorry Izzy}, you’d be looking at a band akin to the Postal Service. If you can get beyond the kid-in-a-dorm-room production quality I think you’ll find these are good songs.

mp3 : Think Quick – Certain Somethings
mp3 : Think Quick – Final Moment (Synthpop Init)
mp3 : Think Quick – How I Roll
mp3 : Think Quick – The Only Perscription

The Only Perscription is probably my favorite of these four. Make sure you check his myspace as he has a lot more tracks there.

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2 thoughts on “Think Quick”

  1. Really digging this guy… reminds me of early Joy Electric, kind of sounds unsure of himself even though he’s making these sweet little tunes that are so electro synth nintendoized awesome (yeah… I did that with the word nintendo… love it, or don’t, I don’t care)

    Hopefully he doesn’t start to make as crappy of music as Joy electric does now… and hopefully his voice gains a little more confidence… anyway, still not as good as other similar stuff of the day, like plastic operator (so good), but decent

    Nice little post.

  2. definitely have to agree with the kid in a dorm room production quality… it just sounds like whoever recorded his voice didn’t know what they were doing…

    Don’t think he could ever be akin to Postal Service… just lyrically isn’t there and his synth is nowhere near… maybe if he took some serious time to refine his sound and work on crafting more interesting lyrics that had the quality not only to interest but to stimulate and elevate the mind, causing one to really think about the words being sang

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