Zach Williams

As long as I have blog left in me I will continue to represent Zach Williams as one of the best undiscovered artists currently on the planet.  He continues to play amazing live shows where he not only entertains the crowd, he goes so far as to woo them.  Yes woo them.  When Zach finishes a set and walks off stage the audience cannot help but consider themselves hopelessly in love with this sound.  With this voice, this style, this humble man from New York City.

I encourage you, I implore you, to please check out Zach’s music.  Go to his myspace page, stream his entire album on his own site, or just grab these tracks, and more, that have been posted here on The World Forgot.  Whatever you do don’t brush this post aside.  Let the new folk sounds of Mr. Williams sink to the depths of you and ease you through this middle of the week menagerie.  He’s brilliant and you’d be the fool for choosing not to hear his songs.

mp3 : Zach Williams – Dirty Feet (Live at Rockwood)
mp3 : Zach Williams – Mountain Water (Live)

The song entitled Dirty Feet is a little bit of new folk mixed with hip hop.  If that can be believable.  This is the live take of the track and it sounds a bit like jazz, a bit like new folk, and a bit like whatever it is you just imagined new folkhop to sound like.  The second track, Mountain Water, is more of the Zach Williams bread and butter.  It’s pure and simple with lyrics and melodies that tug at your heart.  His albums will make perfect Christmas gifts.  Trust me.

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2 thoughts on “Zach Williams”

  1. hallelujah!!! i have had honor of discovering zach and his amazing band and bing “wooed” at his shows. i go whenever i get the chance and always feel like he takes us on a journey. his voice is powerful and his performance is full of soul. if you have not yet discovered him, you soon will…

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