Ben’s Brother

So I’ve seen this commercial a lot lately and everytime I think that it sounds like such an amazing song. So I looked it up and found a copy of it, and it is a good song. So here you have it. The Dentyne Ice commercial featuring this band I had never heard of: Ben’s Brother.

I checked out their myspace and their other songs were decent, but not as good as this one. Luckily this is their “new mix” so hopefully they are evolving into this new sound.

mp3 : Ben’s Brother – Stuttering

EDIT : This file will now work with Windows Media Player. I know many of you were having issues getting the file to play using this atrocious media player, but now those should be sorted out. Enjoy the music and if there’s ever a problem feel free to leave a comment.

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19 thoughts on “Ben’s Brother”

  1. hmm, seems to work for me here on my connection. just right click and save as… or if you’d rather just hear it just click it and it’ll play in your browser.

  2. the file seems to work fine for me both as a download and as a file played directly through my web browser. please note that in the chorus they sing in a stuttering fashion and that is, in fact, part of the original song and not any sort of digital corruption.

  3. is anyone having trouble in other players? iTunes, winamp, etc. i haven’t tried it in WMP, but i’ll get on it tomorrow. maybe i’ll just rerip the file and change the link. i’m too tired right now.

  4. the file, as far as i can tell, is in no way corrupt. it’s not DRM protected, it’s a standard mp3 file format with a complete id3v2 tag. it even plays fine using iTunes, winamp, or real player. the only program that seems to have any snags is windows media player. i would take it up with microsoft as they’re clearly to blame on this issue.

    as to why anyone is still using this horrible program to play music on their computer is another matter entirely. you should switch immediately to a different program like winamp classic.

  5. WAIT WAIT WAIT, hold the phone, i FIXED IT. and it was really generally simple. here’s the catch. apparently windows media player only supports a certain set of “genre names” in their id3v2 tags. [if you have no idea what i’m talking about sorry, but this is what happened]. anyway, the file was originally labeled “acoustic pop” and that apparently is not an appropriate genre name for windows media player. if the genre tag is simply left blank then it will play fine in windows media player.

    the bottow line is i fixed the file and it should work now. cheers.

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