Norah Jones

Norah has the looks of the girl next door and the voice of a multi Grammy winning artist. She’s cute and talented, a daring dynamic that is often overlooked in today’s pop culture driven ear torture. Granted the next greatest pop or hip hop star from Barbados might look nice but it’s more than likely that they will possess the same talent as a bag of drowning kittens. [Not that I would ever condone or encourage harming kittens in any way shape or form].

But her good looks meets great vocals aside Norah Jones is something special. The other night I found myself watching a little public television. And on my local PBS was a Ken Burns miniseries simply titled The War. The miniseries is brilliant and I highly recommend watching it. Not only is it filled with amazing, and true, stories from World War II, but Mr. Burns has filled each episode with a brilliant selection of music. You can’t go wrong when you have Count Basie, Les Paul, Wynton Marsalis, and Duke Elllington on on album. Honestly, click here and check out the entire track listing, it is rather impressive.

Anyway, at the end of the episode who else but Norah Jones and her trademark smoky vocals to ease us from drama to the eventual fade to black. The song she sings here is called American Anthem and is not a Norah original. But she owns it. And in the spirit of covering an artist with more depth than simple single mp3 link I thought it would be great to include another cover that Ms. Jones has done. The other included track here is a cover of an Arcade Fire song. If you listen carefully to the track you’ll hear that whoever attends Norah Jones concerts really has no idea who Arcade Fire is, which I thought was ridiculous on first blush, but in hindsight seems to make a lot of sense. They aren’t exactly targeting the same audience. Or are they?

mp3 : Norah Jones – American Anthem
mp3 : Norah Jones – Ocean of Noise (Arcade Fire Cover)

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